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Dojo Address
Town Hall
Heathfield Ave
West Glamorgan

South Wales

Training Times
Tuesday  -  All Juniors  6pm - 7pm,   Senior Beginners  6pm - 7pm
High Grade Class
pm - 8pm                     

Thursday  -  All Juniors  6
pm - 7pm,   Senior Beginners  6pm - 7pm 
High Grade Class
pm - 8pm             

Membership 12 per Year Hall Fees 2.50 a session

Women Self Defence/Fitness Courses Can Be Arranged.
(Sunday's Only)

For More Information Contact David on 07971 644 445

Chief Instructor - Tim Evans 4th Dan
(NVQ Level 2 Coach)

Club Instructors
Dave Porter 2nd Dan,  David Jones 2nd Dan,  Gwyn Everett 2nd Dan,  Jay Smith 1st Dan 

Members of - Welsh Karate Association,
(Recognised by the Sports Council)


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Glynneath Karate Club

 General Information

We are a"Wado" Style,  but we do have visiting instructors from Kick Boxing, Ju-Jitsu and Aikido, and will continue to have ALL styles teaching here to give students a broader view of the Martial Arts. Ignorance is not bliss, We should all learn (the good parts) from each other.

We teach Traditional Karate in a safe and controlled atmosphere. Students can benefit from Karate Training with Increased Fitness, Confidence and an Improvement in the Ability to Defend themselves. Training in Ju-Jitsu and Weapons is also Available for Students at Senior Level.

Glynneath Karate is part of The Welsh Karate Association, which is Affiliated to the Welsh Karate Governing Body (formally WKF), British Karate Federation, European Karate Union, World Karate Federation (formally WUKO), We are Also Associated with Professional Karate Association (USA) and the Association is recognised by The Governing Body, The Welsh Sport Council.


Club Instructor
Tim Evans 4th Dan (Licence Officer & Technical Committee Member of WKA)

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